Information Security

Information security is one of the most important issues in the research activities. Neuroinformatics Unit (NIU) aims to manage information security in the RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS) through establishing security system and the dissemination of security policies to all CBS members.

Services, Lab Support

NIU is responsible for managing and operating the CBS information system and providing various services for CBS members. And also NIU will be available for consultation about information systems and networks.

Maintenance of database archives

NIU had been terminated INCF Japan Node (J-Node) secretariat at the end of FY2018. Each J-Node related site is going to be transferred to a new managing form. Most of all are to be available for your continuous use.

Due to the reorganization to the Center for Brain Science, BSI Neuroinformatics (BSI-NI) project which started in 2007 has ended in March 2018. NIU will inherit these historical and valuable research resources, and continue to maintain databases and tools.

Collaborative Technical Development in Data-driven Brain Science

NIU hosts a joint research program to develop database related technologies in the field of brain science with researchers in a wide range of fields.