About Us

The Neuroinformatics Unit supervises information security at the Center for Brain Science (CBS), counsel research teams and units for their use of information technologies, maintains databases archives of related brain science projects, and are examining measures to strengthen the information environment of CBS.

Also, in order to promote the introduction of databases and information technologies to brain science, we host the collaborative technical development in data-driven brain science. Furthermore, with the aim of making the research data generated by CBS widely available, we are collaborating with each research team and unit to develop technologies for accumulating and sharing research data and implementing specifications of brain science field-specific metadata, and providing them as a data repository to promote open science in the neuroscience research field.

Related research themes

  • Technical support for information systems
  • Neuroinformatics


  • Information security
  • Database archives
  • Collaborative Technical Development in Data-driven Brain Science
  • Open science
  • Research data repository