About Us

The Neuroinformatics Unit supervises information security at the Center for Brain Science (CBS), maintains network and server systems, information security incident response, assistance in applying for VPN and certified wireless LAN services, maintains website hosting server, technical support for information systems of laboratories, maintains databases archives of related brain science projects, and strengthening CBS information environment.

In addition, we are developing a research data repository system in cooperation with each laboratories with the aim of making the research data generated by CBS widely available and utilized. We are mainly developing a system for collecting and sharing research data, and developing technologies for attaching field-specific metadata to the data. By promoting the digitization of data obtained in the field of neuroscience research, we promote open science and the integration of neuroscience with other disciplines.

Related research themes

  • Information systems
  • Data repository system
  • Open science


  • Network security supervision
  • Consultation on the introduction of information technology into brain science
  • Maintenance of website and database archives
  • Collaborative Technical Development in Data-driven Brain Science
  • Consideration of measures to strengthen the information environment