International Workshop on Neuroinformatics

For Establishing the Japanese Neuroinformatics Node

December 1, 2004
RIKEN Okochi Hall

Photo Gallery


10:00 Opening remarks

Shun-ichi Amari (RIKEN Brain Science Institute)

10:10 Discovery neuroscience through neuroinformatics: National and international progress

Stephan H. Koslow (National Institute of Health)

11:00 Development of a database of databases: the neuroscience database gateway (NDG)

Thomas Morse, Luis Marenco (Yale University School of Medicine),
Daniel Gardner (Weill Medical College of Cornell University),
Gordon Shepherd (Yale University School of Medicine)

11:30 ModelDB: New features and future goals

Thomas Morse, Luis Marenco, Michael Hines (Yale University School of Medicine),
Michele Migliore (National Research Council, Palermo, Italy),
Gordon Shepherd (Yale University School of Medicine),
Ted Carnevale (Department of Psychology, Yale University)

12:00 The CoCoMac project in the context of European neuroinformatics initiatives

Rolf Kotter (Vogt Brain Research Institute, Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf)

12:50 Speakers' lunch

13:30 Bioinspired vision in France and in Europe

Simon Thorpe (National Center for Scientific Research, Toulouse)

14:20 The German neuroinformatics network and centers for computational neuroscience

Andreas Herz (Institute for Theoretical Biology Humboldt-University Berlin)

15:10 Neuroscience informatics platform of shared databases and tools at the Australian national neuroscience facility

Gary Egan (Howard Florey Institute University of Melbourne)

16:00 Coffee break

16:10 Japanese neuroinformatics node: future perspectives

Shiro Usui (RIKEN Brain Science Institute)

16:30 Deciphering the genetic blueprint of cerebellar development by the gene expression profiling informatics

Teiichi Furuichi (RIKEN Brain Science Institute)

16:50 Visiome platform

Izumi Ohzawa (Osaka University)

17:10 Brain imaging studies and design of platform in Japan

Ryoji Suzuki (Kanazawa Institute of Technology)

17:30 Discussions/Closing remarks


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