Neuroinformatics Tools

 We develop neuroinformatics tools in collaboration with INCF Japan Node platforms and Hachathon. Those products are provided as open source. Main products and sites are given below.

XooNIpswas initially developed as Contents Management System for Open Source in collabration with Neuroinformatics Team (Usui Team Leader, 2003-2012) and Neurinformatics Japan Center (2005-2018). Now its development has been inherited to Neuroinformatics Unit. Main tools are open in the following sites. XooNIps Official Site
Web database management system XooNIps is available in this site.  This site provides Forum fo rhe sake of informatioin exchange for any use of XooNIps  as well.

XooNIps Workshop 

XooNIps was originally developed as a Neuroinformatics tool, while now popularly used across fields such as by university librarians. This workshop has regular meeting for information exchange and tutorials among members. NIJC serves for a secretariat of this workshop.

 J-Node Software Center
J-Node Software Center  provides workspace for Neuroinformatics tools and also download of the products.