Neuroinformatics for Open Neuroscience

Neuroinformatics is a resaerch field of information technology in neuroscience toward knowledge integration of experimental data in various levels and various forms. Neuroinformatics aims to develop technology to share experimental data, analysis tool and computational model through internet across domains and across locations. Namely, neuroinformatics is a technoogica approach for open neuroscience.
Internatial activities of neuroinformatis was launched as foundation of International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility (INCF) in 2005, where RIKEN paricipated as INCF Japan Node. At RIKE Brain Science Institute (closed in 2018), the sercretariat of INCF Japan Node was Neuroinformatics Japan Center (NIJC). NIJC also participated Japan's Brain Mapping Project, Brain/MINDS since 2014 in charge of database construction and develpment of data interation methods.
Since April 2018, these activities were inherited by Neruoinformatics Unit (NIU), Integrative Computational Brain Science Collaboration Center, RIKEN Center for Brain Science.
NIU aims to develop Neuroinformatics and its practise as open neuroscience through these projects in collaboration with universities and institutes all over Japan and with international organizations.

 -Standards for Data Sharing -
In order to share digital research data, we try to promote the followiing approached as standards.
  • Database/data management according to FAIR Guidng Principe,
     Findable/Accessible/Interoperative/Reusable  Refrence
  • Assignment of DOI to research data in databases managed by NIU More
  • Promotion of standards for metadata/data description
        XooNIps:  standards in J-Node Platforms
        RDF  for semantic web technology: in collaboration with RIKEN Metadatabse
       NIX-odML for time series data:
            in collaoration with INCF German and Czech Nodes    More