INCF Japan Node

To promote neuroinformatics all over Japan and across countries, NIU serves as a secretariat of a national node of INCF in Japan as follows.


1.Collaboration with  INCF secretariat and INCF Nodes

Supported by RIKEN as a funding agency for INCF Jaoan Node, Japan Node is a board member of INCF. INCF Japan Node participates activities on neuroinformatics standards and best practice accordig to the INCF strategic plan.

2. Japan Node platforms

Japan Node Platform consists of community activity and development of waeb database open in public in a domain of neuroscience. Platform committees consist of members from universities and institutes all over Japan. Development and management of each patforms are supported by NIU based on the contract of collaboration.

3.Promotion of Neuroinformatics

INCF Japan Node International Workshop Advances in Neuroinformatics (AINI) : It consists of invited lectures, regular presentation and tutorial courses for the sake of information exchange and mutual communication.It is held once a year.


INCF Japan Node Hackathon: It is a collaborative development of neuroinformatisc tools and databases in a few days. It is held few times in a year.


4. INCF Japan Node Portal

NIU manages the portal for the sake of promotion of neuroinformatics and active use of data in Japan Node Platforms.


All resources and information are available at INCF Japan Node Portal. Please visit INCF Japan Node potral.