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Recipients of Neuro2013 Travel Award were decided as follows.

Keiichiro INAGAKI   Simulation Platform, Chubu University
Tomoki KAZAWA    Invertebrate Brain Platform,  The University of Tokyo

Neuroinformatics Japan Center, RIKEN BSI

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  Four young members of Neuroinformatics Japan Center, Yoshihiro Okumura, Takayuki Kannon, Kouji Makimura and Keiichiro Inagaki were awarded with RIKEN Incentive Award FY 2013. for their contribution on Development of Innovative Neuroinformatics Platform by using XooNIps.



 Photo in the award ceremony: Inagaki, Prof. Noyori, Okumura and Kannon.

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Tadashi YAMAZAKI  The University of Electro Communication;; Cerebellar PF; Simulation PF


Open Source Brain Kickoff Meeting was held at Sardinia on May 13-15, 2013. Dr. Tadashi YAMAZAKI, a committee member of INCF Japan Node Cerebellar Platform and Simulation Platform, joined the meeting. The conference program is available at the web site of

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  RIKEN Open Campus at Wako area was held on Apr. 20. Neuroinformatics Japan Center joined this event by introducing INCF Japan Node activities and several sample of database contents such as visual illusory patterns from Visiome platform. The number of participants was 8,418 in total at Wako campus. We finally distributed1,638 set of reference materials. We acknowlege all participants for their cooperation on this event.

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  INCF Node Workshop was held on Apr. 15-16, 2013 at INCF Secretariat, Stockholm.

From Japan, two topics were reported: "How to build a successful Node, Japan " by Shiro USUI and "Japan Node Platforms: Integrative Environments for Tools, Databases and Models" in Demo Session by Y YAMAGUCHI, Y OKUMURA, S USUI.

Photo: Lecture by S USUI  demonstrated in Slide Show at the INCF Secretariat.


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