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Tadashi Yamzaki,Visiting Research Scientist of NIJC, The University of Electro-Communications received paper award FY2014 by Japanese Neural Network Society.  

Author:Tadashi Yamazaki, Jun Igarashi  

Theme:Realtime cerebellum: A large-scale spiking network model of the cerebellum that runs in realtime using a graphics processing unit  

Neural Networks, Vol.47(2013), pp.103-111 


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Hideki Oka Ph.D. Research Consultant, 
NIJC was attended 1st French Neuroinformatics Workshop.  Please refer the report below:


Report on 1st French Neuroinformatics Workshop, Paris:

I attended 1st French Neuroinformatics Workshop held in Paris which reports the activity about the neuroinformatics of the France. There is introduction of the analysis tools of the electrophysiology of brains, such as The Virtual Brain, Brian, and MNE, following introduction of the activity of INCF headquarters. Then, the report of database creation of Neuro-imaging under the national life science and the medical research league AVIESAN of France and introduction of the domestic infrastructure building were reported by each organization of Inria, CNRS, and NeuroSpin. Energetic activity of the France about neuroinformatics could be heard and it was a significant workshop.


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RIKEN Open Day at Wako was held on Apr. 19. Neuroinformatics Japan Center (NIJC) joined this event by introducing INCF Japan Node activities and several samples of database contents such as visual illusory patterns from Visiome platform. Please click here the details.


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Prof. Jan G. Bjaalie, INCF Governing Board Chair and Professor, University of Oslo,  visited Japan on 29-30, Oct., 2013. to participate BHI 2013 and RIKEN BSI Forum. At BHI 2013, our special session was focused on our challenges toward clinical neuroinformatics includeing recent activities of INCF and Japan Node. In BSI Forum, Prof. Jan presented his state of the art works on digital brain atlas. These two meetings were successfully devoted to stimulating discussions and idea exchanges with many participants.

Photo: Drs. Kakei, Masaki, Usui, Yamaguchi, Bjaalie, Taki and Kawasaki from left to right(at BHI2013). 



Brain and Health Informatics (BHI) 2013 Maebashi  


Location Room B (8F KEYAKI)

Special Session on Cutting Edge Research of Neuroinformatics in Clinical Research

Session Chairs: Shiro Usui and Yoko Yamaguchi

Session Time: 2:00pm-4:00pm

Location: Room B (8F KEYAKI)

  • SBA201  Japan’s Neuroinformatics for Collaborative Research - An Approach at INCF Japan Node     Yoko Yamaguchi and Shiro Usui
  • SBA202  Inter-brain Synchronization for Human-human Communication: Elucidation in Autism Spectrum Disorders     Masahiro Kawasaki, Yasuko Funabiki, Keiichi Kitajo, Kenjiro Fukao, Toshiya Murai and Yoko Yamaguchi
  • SBA204 Dissociation of Predictive and Feedback Controllers and Its Application for Evaluation of Motor Functions in Cerebellar Disorders     Shinji Kakei
  • SBA205 Neuroimaging Platform and Its Application to Clinical and Industrial Use     Shinobu Masaki
  • SBA203 International Neuroinformatics Coordinating Facility: Establishing Standards and Infrastructure for Large Scale Brain Initiatives     Jan G. Bjaalie




RIKEN BSI, Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama  13:30-14:30, Oct. 30, 2013

Integration of multi-level experimental brain data through digital atlasing

Jan G. Bjaalie



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INCF Japan Node participates in the academic exhibition at Comprehensive Brain Science Summer Work shop 2013 hold in Nagoya on August 29 -September 1, 2013. The exhibition on August 31 includes demonstration of recent activities of NIJC and INCF J-Node Platforms.








◆8/31 Sat.


10:30-12:00 Cerebellar Development Transcriptome Database

Yo SHINODA (Tokyo University of Science)


13:30-15:30 Invertebrate Brain Platform  

Tomoki KAZAWA (The Tokyo University)


15:30-17:30 Simulation Platform

Keiichiro INAGAKI (Chubu University)


Comprehensive Brain Science Network Platform   

Keizo TAKAO(National Institute for Physiological Sciences)

*Demonstration will be held any time during the period on 31 August. 


INCF Japan Node 


*Demonstration will be held any time during the period on 31 August.

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